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Antibodies, conjugates and development of immunoassay for tylosin

Protein conjugates of Tylosin were synthesized according to method of J.J. Silverlight, A.J. Brown, R. Jackman,Food and Agricultural immunology (1999) 11, 321-328
The following protein conjugates were synthesized:
Tylosin-BSA (Ag906-B)
Tylosin-Ovalbumin (Ag906-Ov)
Tylosin-HRP (Ag906-HRP)
Conjugates were purified on Sephadex G25 and controlled by spectrophotometry at 280 and 350 nm

Antisera against Tylosin (AS906)
were obtained by immunization of rabbits by BSA or ovalbumin conjugates. The best sera give good titer in competitive binding to microplate-coated Tylosin-protein conjugate and are currently used in development of Tylosin EIA (K906) showing sensitivity at least 10 ng/ml.

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