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Immunoassays for detection of Aspergillus: development and applications

Fungi of Aspergillus genus are widespread in the nature.
The presence of Aspergillus antigens in food and air may cause allergic symptoms, including severe infections and allergy. Aspergillus infections are among most dangerous and life-threatening in immuno-compromised patients, eg HIV positive or chemotherapy treated.

Aspergillus fumigatus (Ag821F), flavus (Ag821L), niger (Ag821N), carbonarius (Ag821C) and ochraceus (Ag821X) extracts were used as the source of immunogens to immunize rabbits. Rabbit antisera against Aspergillus spp. (AS821x) are under investigation now.

Antiserum against niger species were specifically enriched by antigen affinity chromatography, an affinity antibody preparation (AS821N A) is under investigation. We plan to expand the same method to purify other species-specific antisera.

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