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Veterinary Diagnostics

Catalogue 2014

Some time ago XEMA R&D team initiated work on design of diagnostic kits for veterinary use. We work in two directions:
- diagnostics of infections (canine and feline serology) and control of vaccination efficiency (Canidae and Mustelidae);
- determination of hormones and tumor markers.

Below is the list of products we work on.

I. Canine and feline serology: IgG antibodies
Herpes simples Candida
Chamydia Toxoplasma
Mycoplasma Toxocara
Yersinia Echinococcus
Brucella Fasciola
Listeria Giardia lamblia
Leptospira Ascaris

II. Canidae and Mustelidae serology: IgG antibodies vaccination control

Parvovirus group B
Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)

III. Canine and Feline Hormones and Tumor Markers

Progesterone Free Thyroxin
Testosterone Mammary Carcinoma Antigen