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Reagents for immunochemistry, immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry

Cat. ¹Product Name Intended use and comments
Primary Antibodies
Monoclonal antibodies for immunohistochemistry/immunocytochemistry/fow cytometry, presented in stabilizing bufer and titered on standard sections. Shelf life – 12 months at +4 °C. Unit: 0.5 ml vial with concentrated antibody.
AH200mAb anti-IgE epsilon for IHCDetection of IgE protein, mast cells in tissues and basophils by fow cytometry
AH221mAb anti-PSA total for IHCDetection of prostatic tumors
AH222mAb anti-CA125 for IHCDetection of ovarian and other adenocarcinomas
AH224mAb anti-CEA for IHCDetection of adenocarcinomas
AH225mAb anti-AFP for IHCDetection of primary hepatomas, embryonal cell tumors
AH226 mAb anti-MUC1 for IHCDetection of mammary and other adenocarcinomas
Species specific detection kits for paraffin and cryostat sections
The kits contain: ready to use Blocking solution for sections; Biotinylated anti-species antibodies; Streptavidin-HRPO conjugate; DAB substrate for 100 determinations; shelf life – 12 months at +4  °C
KH301Rabbit IHC detection setDetection of rabbit antibodies in IHC preparations
KH302 Murine IHC detection setDetection of monoclonal antibodies in IHC preparations
Auxillary reagents for IHC. Shelf life – at least, 2 years at 4 °C.
S005XPBS conc. for IHC10x concentrate; pH=7.2; 120 ml
S006X Citrate buffer conc. for IHC10x concentrate; pH=6.0; 120 ml
S015XTRIS buffer conc. for IHC10x concentrate; pH=7.6; 120 ml
SH022 Tween-HCl for IHC0.1M HCl; 0.1% Tween-20; 120 ml
SH025Antibody dilution buffer for IHC120 ml
SH301 Blocking solution for IHC (rabbit)5 ml
SH302 Blocking solution for IHC (murine)5 ml