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Xema with over 20 years of experience of antibody and antigen production is continuing to provide customers excellent products and the associated services. Xema has developed its own efficient protocols and platforms in antigen preparation and immunization that have been successful in generating highly purified native proteins and mAbs ranging from human tumor biomarkers to animal and food immunochemistry. Xema will be able to provide customers the low cost, high quality custom antibody and antigen production services in the shortest possible timeline. Request for a quote today, and get your products at highly competitive prices!

Please contact us at reagents@xema-medica.com, if you have any of the following requests:

1) Antibodies (pAb or mAb): - Custom production of any antibodies targeting Xema antigens listed in our catalogue
- Develop a completely new pAb or mAb, please,
* Provide us the protein information
* Or supply us the antigen you prepared
We immunize mice to obtain mAbs. For polyclonals, we immunize mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, sheep, goats, swine and poultry eggs (for IgY response)

2) Type of Ab & Ag Application Services
- Provide antibody pair information for immunoassays
- antigen affinity purification, Fab fragmentation, for antibodies and labeling for antigens and antibodies by HRP, biotin and fluorescent dyes

As a complimentary service, if your research topics match our R&D interests and you agree us for a joint publication, we will provide you all of our antibody and antigen service without financial charges.