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XEMA uses mostly its own reagents for manufacturing of immunoassays. This advantage allows us not only to develop our immunoassay product range and be independent on external suppliers, but also to supply other immunoassay manufacturers worldwide.
Our reagent production facilities include vivaria in Russia and Ukraine (1,2) as well as molecular biology laboratories in Moscow and St-Petersburg which are engaged in purification of antigens and antibodies. (1,2) Hybridoma production, propagation of tumor cell lines and other in vitro procedures are also carried out in our laboratories in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.
All our reagents are subjected to extensive Quality Control procedures :
purity, specific activity, specificity, etc., all these data being indicated in the QC Data Sheet attached to every lot. Our worldwide dealers are HyTest (Finland), www.hytest.fi, and Fitzgerald Industries International (USA),www.fitzgherald-fii.com Calbioreagents , EastCoast Bio
Please contact us via reagents@xema.ru to obtain information about local distributors.

Ms Eugenia Kostrikina, Director of Technology


If your country is not covered by listed distributors, please contact nearest Xema office