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The Xema Corporate Group started in February 1993 as the private company Xema Co. Ltd. in Moscow, Russia. Over the course of twenty years, Xema has developed from a small-scale contract manufacturer of human antigen proteins to one of the world’s leading biological companies in providing tumor marker antigens and corresponding monoclonal antibodies. With our broad hybridoma collection, Xema now has the ability for the large-scale production of purified monoclonal antibodies for in vitro diagnostic use.

Currently, Xema conducts active research onthe following topics:
- Biochemistry and immunology of human tumor biomarkers (e.g., CEA, CA125/MUC16, MUC1,CA19-9, CA72-4, cytokeratines, and HE4)
- Development and validation of immunoassays of hormones, inflammation, and tumor markers for animal and agricultural diagnostics
- Immunochemistry of food antigens and food contaminants

We expanded our business in 1997 to the manufacturing of a broad panel of ELISA kits and lateral flow rapid devices for the detection of hormones; tumor markers; prenatal, neonatal, thyroid autoimmunity, cardiac and inflammation markers; and infection serology. Xema’s IVD kit development, production and sales in Russia have been certified with ISO 13485 since 2009. In Russia, Xema’s premises are located in both the city and suburban industrial area of Moscow. We also opened a plant of R&D and small scale production in St. Petersburg in 2004

After our successful operations in Russia, Xema initiated global business by setting up our worldwide sister companies. These international companies not only distribute Xema’s products, but also performXema’s R&D and production activities to meet the demands of local markets.

We are proud to announce the following sister companies:
* The joint venture Xemma-Test in Minsk, Belarus (est. 2003)
* Xema Co. Ltd. In Kiev, Ukraine (est. 2008)
* Xema OY in Lappeenranta, Finland (est. 2011).
* Hema Biotech Beijing Co Ltd in China (est. 2011)
* Xema Sdn Bhd in Malaysia (est. 2013)
* Xemabio LLC in Gainesville, Florida, USA (est. 2014)

Xema continues to develop, improve, and expand our research, products, and services to meet the high standards and expectations of our clients. We look forward to having business with you.

Dr. Yuri S. Lebedin,
General Manager, TheXemaCorporate Group