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XEMA Group was founded as private start-up in Moscow in 1993 as the provider of raw materials for in vitro diagnostics. Now our group has sister companies in Belorussia, Ukraine, Finland and China. We own a producent cell line collection (hybridomas, recombinant bacteria, yeast and mammal cells), animal facilities, protein purification and kit assembly units, and provide key reagents (monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies), purified natural and recombinant antigens, ready immunoassays or OEM solutions.

Our IVD kit development, production and sales has been certified to ISO 13485 since 2003. XEMA R&D is focused on the following topics:

Medical In Vitro Diagnostics: tumor markers, hormones, fungal and other infections pre- and neonatal screening, allergy and food intolerance, humoral immunity, metabolic markers, quality control sera for immunoassays

Development of prototype immunotherapy of infections and tumors: first projects are SARS-CoV-2 protective antibody cocktail and CAR-T therapy of human lymphomas and adenocarcinomas

Food, Environment and Forensic Testing: detection of food constituents and contaminants, adulteration markers, with special attention to Halal line (detection of pork and alcohol) and new tests for sanitary control (rats, insects, fungi). XEMATest line of rapid tests is targeted for most important food allergens. Fungal diagnostics for agriculture.

Veterinary Diagnostics: immunoassays for hormones, infections and tumor markers for pets and agricultural animals

Starting material for DNA synthesis, natural antigens of viruses, protozoa and parasitic helminths, antibodies against cytokines

Human antigens, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, ELISA and LFT, food allergen testing, anti-SARS-CoV-2 protective antibodies