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We have launched a first lot of ELISA kit for detection of Procalcitonin in serum/plasma (Cat# K251) - an important marker of inflammation and risk factor of sepsis
The target antigens revealed for our assays by WB/MALDI-TOF: 11S-globulin (allergen Pis v 2) for pistachio and 2S seed storage protein 1 (allergen Ses i 2) for sesame seed
We have obtained a set of monoclonal antibodies against the antigens of sesame seed; the pilot versions of immunoassays (cat# K389 Sesame antigen ELISA and respective rapid test cat# X389 XEMAtest SESAME are available for evaluation and ordering. The target of the assays is still under investigation as the antibodies do not stain the protein band in WB.
We have determined a target antigen for our walnut tests by analysis of affinity purified antigen: MALDI TOF shows 11S globulin seed storage protein which is listed as Jug r 4 in allergen nomenclature
We are launching two tests for medical IVD:
cat#K262 Parathyroid hormone EIA (PTH EIA) and cat#X280 XEMATest Microalbuminuria