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K101CFToxoplasma IgG-CF EIA96Toxoplasmosis is a widespread infection caused by the intracellular pr> 100* K230//30/10-20'37 C126040
K104CFHSV 1/2 IgG-CF EIA96Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is one of the most common pathogens in mamm> 100* K230//30/10-20'37 C126040
K105CFChlamydia IgG-CF EIA96Chlamydiosis is an infection disease affecting both animals and humans> 100* K230//30/10-20'37 C126040
K106CFMycoplasma IgG-CF EIA96Mycoplasmae represent a separate class of microorganisms. Unique metab> 100* K230//30/10-20'37 C126040
K122CCandida IgG-C EIA96Candidosis is a rare pathology affecting skin and mucous surfaces and > 100* K230//30/10-20'37 C126040
K151CParvo-IgG EIA96Parvovirus genus includes several specii, the canidae Parvovirus (CPV)> 100*5 U/ml230//30/10-20'37 C127110
K152CCDV-IgG EIA96canidae/mustelidae Distermer disease is caused by a virus of the Pramy> 100*10 U/ml230//30/10-20'37 C127110
K207CFProgesterone-CF EIA96Progesterone is a gestagen with a MW of 314.5 Dalton. Progesterone is > 500,5 nmol/l1//120/10-20'37 C126060
K207MProgesterone milk EIA96Progesterone is a gestagen with a MW of 314.5 Dalton. Progesterone is > 250,3 ng/ml1//60/10-20'37 C126110
K210CFCortisol-CF EIA96 1025 nmol/l1//60/10-20'37 C12EIA6030
#XB026CSpeed Giardia5 0 015///-'18-25C24 806IMPORTED
#XB039CSpeed Diro5 40-80 0120///-'18-25C24 806IMPORTED
#XB116CSpeed Brucella5 40 0120///-'18-25C24 806IMPORTED
#XB128CSpeed Leish6 40-80 0120///-'18-25C24 806IMPORTED
#XB129CSpeed Ehrli6 40-80 0120///-'18-25C24 806IMPORTED
#XB153FSpeed FIP5 40-80 0120-40///-'18-25C24 801IMPORTED
#XV017FSensPert FeLV Test10 40 015-10///-'18-25C24 806IMPORTED
#XV039CSensPert Heartworm test10 40 015-10///-'18-25C24 806IMPORTED
X051CFXEMAtest Parvo10 90-120 015-10///-'18-25C24 006 
#XV052CSensPert CDT test10 90-120 015-10///-'18-25C24 806IMPORTED
X052CXEMAtest CDV10 90-120 015-10///-'18-25C24 006IMPORTED
#XV112FSensPert FIV10 40 015-10///-'18-25C24 510IMPORTED
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