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(Cat#)Product Name EnglishNumber of testsProduct descriptionSample volume, ulSensitivityN of stagesIncubation time, minutesIncubation temperatureShelf life, monthsMethodVersionCE registration number
K930«SULPHONAMIDE EIA»96Sulphonamides are widely used in agriculture as potent and effective f> 550,5 ppb2/60/30/10-20'37°C1ИФА1090
K902Laevomycetin (Chloramphenicol) EIA96Laevomycetin (Chloramphenicol) is a potent antibiotic drug which is wi> 550,1 μg/l1//60/15-25'37 °C12ИФА0110
K921BAflatoxin EIA96Aflatoxin B1 is product of metabolism of several species of microscopi> 500,05 ppb1//60/10-20'37°C12ИФА1120
K923Zearalenone EIA96Zearalenone (F-2 toxin) is mycotoxin which is product of secondary met> 500,25 ppb2/30/30/10-20'37°C12ИФА1120
K925Deoxynivalenol EIA96 Deoxynivalenol (DON) is trichothecene mycotoxin which is a product of> 5010 ppb2/30/30/10-20'37°C12ИФА1120
K366PORK EIA96Consumption and handling of pork meat is strictly prohibited by certai> 505 U/ml260//60/10-20'37°C24ИФА9010
X366ХЕМАtеst PORK5Consumption and handling of pork meat is strictly prohibited by some r> 500-1000*0,1 %15-10///-'18-25°C24ИФА0060
K380Gliadin EIA96Celiac disease (CD) is a complex autoimmune pathology characterized by> 100*0,1 µg/ml230//30/10-20'37°C12ИФА0010
K381Durum EIA96The quality of pasta products (both physical texture and characteristi> 1000,1 %330/30/30/10-20'18-25°C12ИФА7110
K904Tetracycline EIA96 500,3 ppb2/60/30/30-'37°C12ИФА1090
X901ХЕМАtеst ß-LACTAMS8 200см Инструкцию по применению ppb15//2-3/-'18-25°C24ИФА2010