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How to order

To order our products, please, write a message to export@xema.ru or redkin@xema.ru

Please, include in your message the following information required by our regulations to draw a Contract:

  • your company legal name and address;
  • your banking information (name and address of your bank, account number, SWIFT or IBAN.

According to our legislation, we have to arrange export permission from Ministry of Health for each Contract. It takes ca. 1-1.5 months and includes data from a Specification to our Contract i.e., list of products, their quantities and prices. So, to alleviate this delay, it is a good idea to conclude a long-term Contract with all required products and quantities indicated with some surplus and partial deliveries allowed in this case, the permission will be valid for all shipments under the given Contract, and only the first shipment will be delayed due to its arrangement, all the others being made quickly. Please, note that you are not obliged to buy all the items in quantities indicated the only obligation is that your orders should be within the indicated nomenclature and quantities.

Normally, we use DHL express service to ship your order.

Our Complete Product List contains all the information required to work with our products: IFUs, registration/certification data, comparison data, etc. Nevertheless, if you have any questions regarding our products or claims please, contact redkin@xema.ru or export@xema.ru.