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Manufacturing of Quality Control Sera for Immunoassays

Why control preparations are so important?

One of the main purposes of in vitro diagnostics is to maintain a high level of all laboratory procedures and to check quality of the reagents used. Just for this purpose we elaborated Quality Control Sera for immunoassays.

Why we offer several options of Quality Control Sera?

Just to allow you to buy those controls you need, and nothing excessive. You may select from OmaQon (Tumor Markers), HormoQon (Hormones), AutoQon (autoantibodies).

Why your data are so important?

We collect and analyze all results obtained with different diagnostic kits and systems. Thus, you may obtain an important info regarding your deviation from the collective mean value for each analyte just for those test systems you work with.

Any comments regarding composition, quantity, volume?

We tried to consider all requirements relevant to control preparations: analyte composition, presentation, etc. Nevertheless, we are open to any suggestions to serve your needs more effectively.
Should you have any comments or suggestions, please, send a message to reagents@xema.ru.

Cat. KQ21 HormoQon Instruction

Series passport

Cat. KQ22 OmaQon Instruction

Series passport

Cat. KQ13 AutoQon Instruction

Series passport