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Reagents data sheet - human antigen
Typical characteristics of the product Ask for lot specific data at reagents@xema.ru
Catalog# Product name
T215X DHEA-3-hemisuccinyl-HRPO
Source and infection testing
Highly purified hormone derivative;
HRPO, RZ>3.0
Remarks on purification method
Depleted from unconjugated hormone by gel filtration
Solution liquid/
Measurement of concentration and specific activity
Titer not less than 1:5000 in direct binding EIA
Typical lot size 1-10 ml Concentration range 1-3 ml/ml
0.1M phosphate-buffered saline, 0.01% Tween-20, 0,01% BSA, contains red dye
Refrigerate at +2-8C for 12 months
Tracer in DHEA or DHEAS EIA Examples
Xema EIA #K215
Safety data and product warnings
For in vitro research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.