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Xema Co., Ltd. is the only company in Russia which uses its own reagents for manufacturing of most ELISA kits we offer. This advantage allows us not only to be independent on external sources, but also to sell our reagents to other ELISA producers both in Russia (ZAO Vector-Best, NPO DS) and abroad in Ukraine (Granum company), Italy (Globe Diagnostic Srl.), Israel (Orgenics), etc. Besides, our reagents are used worldwide in manufacturing rapid tests and for research purposes. Reagent manufacturing facilities include our vivarium in Balashikha and biochemical laboratories in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg used for purification of antigens and antibodies. These laboratories are also used for hybridoma production, growth of tumor cell lines and other in vitro manipulations. All our reagents are subjected to extensive quality control procedures to control purity, activity, specificity, etc., the obtained results being printed in the Certificate of Analysis issued for each lot. Quality of our reagents is supported by many scientific publications. That is why we successfully sell our reagents not only in Russia, but throughout the world, our main distributors for more than 10 years being such renowned companies as Hytest Oy (Turku, Finland, www.hytest.fi) and Fitzgerald Industries International (USA, www.fitzgerald-fii.com).