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Food analysis

Xema is also active in designing diagnostic products for food control. In this area, we focus on three main issues:

1. Determination of normal, but undesirable constituents in food (meat in vegetarian products, allergic components, pork meat in food, etc.).
2. Determination of antibiotics and other LMW substances in food.
3. Determination of fungal contaminants in food.
Below is the list of EIA products we work on.

Food constituents
Analyte Application
Gluten/gliadin Gliadin-free diet in celiac patients
Durum Test Pasta quality (% admixture of soft wheat in durum wheat products)
Barley Prolamin Profile Beer manufacturing
Egg white protein Allergy
Milk (total) Allergy
Fish (total) Allergy
Meat (common antigen) Vegeterian EIA
Nuts (four species) Allergy
Sesame seeds Allergy
Antibiotics and other LMW substances
Laevomycetin (Chloramphenicol) Mertronidazol
Streptomycin Tylosin
Sulphonamides Caffeine
Nitrofuranes Plant Steroids (Brassinosteroids)
Fungal contaminants
Aspergillus Fusarium
Candida Trichoderma
Mucor Phytophtora
Phoma Rhizopus

The list of products currently available may be seen here.