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We have launched a first lot of AMH EIA kit (Cat# K245) which shows good correlation to the reference kits and better performance characteristics (eg shorter incubation time).
Our company is a Sliver sponsor of the World Mycotoxin Forum which is scheduled for 12-14 March, 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We present our line for mycotoxin ELISA as well a new ELISA line for detection of fungal antigens
In March 17-19, 2018, our company is traditionally showing at the China Association of Clinical laboratory Practice (CACLP) Expo in Chongqing, China. The booth Nr is N7-S60 in CQ EXPO. Welcome and thank for your coming and joining us!
We have obtained a set of monoclonal antibodies against lupin antigen; the pilot versions of immunoassays (cat# K385 Lupin ELISA and respective rapid test cat# X385 XEMAtest Lupin) show the sensitivity better than 5 ppm are soon available for evaluation. The targets of the assay is under determination by WB and MALDI-TOF.10.2017
We have managed to improve considerably the sensitivity of XEMATest Macadamia by switching to another target protein. Now the test is capable to detect 1 ppm of the nut even after high temperature heating (up to 150C). XEMATest Macadamia v2 is available from stock. The target protein is under investigation by WB, we plan to prepare it for direct sequencing due to lack of common library information.
XEMATest Pork (cat# X366) has received AOAC certificate Nr 041702
Coming soon! We are glad to introduce a new ELISA for a quantitative detection of CA 242 antigen in human serum/plasma (soon to be launched). CA 242 is a reliable and sensitive marker of pancreatic and colorectal cancer - sensitivity of this test is comparable to that of CA-19.9, while specificity is much better - in pancreatic cancer, it comes to 90%.
In 2017 Xema is going to celebrate its 25 year of operations, which formally ends with the 25th anniversary of company registration in February, 2018. We organize various events and make special proposals for our partners and customers - please follow our news and messages